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Poetic Meditation

A Reflection after reading Divya Poem


An Indian daughter
Is pain pretending to be poetry.
Divya S

I am at that stage of life where I am continuously fighting a battle to be myself. So yes I am selfish. The mask of mother and wife tires me sometimes. So whenever I am alone at home I relish those few hours for reading, writing or painting. But the role which saddens me the most is being a Daughter even after getting married and staying far away from my parents.

I may be far from them but I am a daughter all the time. I know this must be the thing for everyone. Specially those who are living far from their parents. When you are far from your loved ones your life itself becomes a poem which you love to hide. You will show only those colors which will paint happiness for them and you will learn to hold the sadness. It’s the same for me. Most of the time I am trying to make their life easy for them while trying to fold my sadness quietly in the pages. Being a writer helps me in doing the same. Thanks to technology I can see them everyday. But that doesn’t make things easy for me. There’s always a list of…



Priyanka Srivastava
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