The Waterplace
Blue Insights
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Mar 12, 2022


aerial view of Oil Rivers by

Chocolate water, home-thirsty travellers,
groaning engines, bouncing boats,
sprinting breeze, billowing shirts
pained buttocks, straightening backs
checking gunboats, pointed guns
throttled speed, surrendering hands;
higher, higher, even higher:

“Where to?” Where else but home?

Waving forests, ripening farms,
big, miming waves, dancing canoes,
curling creeks cuddled by loving creektowns,
orange lights cast on black skies,
like the sun stayed up late
to welcome sons from faraway lands.

“Sunset so many and so late?”
Ask the moonlight and discover imposter gas fires.



The Waterplace
Blue Insights

I sit by the river and write with ink drawn from her depths.