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She’s Not Here


At some point
I must
Stop trying.
They are living
in the past,
where time
stood still.
I forged
Delved deep
into distant shores.
Traveling far
and wide.
Now changed,
 — renewed.
They are
still back there
doing the same
old things
in the
the same old way.
There is
to connect us
We have been
and for good
reason too.
They keep
clinging on
to the old.
Where is she,
they gasp?
Feeling their
If they would
only listen,
I could tell them.
She’s not here.
She left a long time ago.

© Orla K.

Thank you Blue Insights for publishing my poem.



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Orla K.

Writing about mental and emotional health, Christian spirituality, healing, and travel.