Softly Spoken

All I need to know

David Rudder
Mar 20 · 1 min read

Words said and softly whispered
Messages breathed into my ear
Like lightening lifts my senses
So soft and yet so clear.

A trance of muted syllables
Articulated in song
The words say right is here now
And left has come and gone.

I understand what you are saying
The sounds are symbols too
In hushed tones you beckon me
Your words I walked into.

They surrounded me in silence
Yet had a resonance of their own
I know what you are telling me
I think I’ve always known.

Whispered in a heartbeat
The words I want to hear
Tell them to me softly
Murmured in my ear.

Across the sea, wild and free
The wind can whit a message
And reads the restless currents
As my senses reach the edges.

In the quiet before the dawn
Send me silky undertones
Eclipse my understanding
Float me past the twilight zones.

Morning is awakening
Soft murmurs tell me so
Your softly spoken whispers
Tell me all I need to know.


David Rudder
20th March 2021

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