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Sugar and Bright Things

Photo by Luis Aguila on Unsplash

A perfect candy land. But the children I saw were pale and limp by eating sugary sugars and all the bright things that covered everything that could be touched. What were the three adults doing in a dreamland? That guy with a curly head and a poetic look, that girl with brown eyes and a critical mouth. Such accidental encounters in unknown territories.

Where do they come from? I paused and reflected and found that they were talking to the heavenly children who wanted an out. The kids never said it. I felt them wanting it. I felt myself wanting it. The eyes were tired, the tongues wasted by eating all the colors. Sweet words, no complaints. The lazy talk of happiness by the pale faces. I followed that little girl blindly. Felt the touch of the caramel floor. I wonder whether she felt the stickiness of it. The struggle through the jellos. Fields and fields of indigos and reds and oranges and pinks. I wonder whether she was afraid to acknowledge the thought that made her want to jump back into consciousness. I paused again and found out they were all me. The poet, the critical mouthed, the pale kids. I was afraid that it was supposed to be a blessing.

I woke up and told myself that at least it wasn’t a nightmare.

Author’s Note: I Had a Dream… About sugar and bright things.




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