The Flowers Are for Me

Lola Rosario
Blue Insights
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1 min readMay 12, 2024


There can be no greater love in the world than a mother for her child.
~ Anonymous

today, much of the planet celebrates
flowers on a grave
showering gifts of endless praise
+ gratitude + commitment
for some, a boozy brunch or fancy dinner
still others with a simple family visit
they revel in the joys + happiness
their beloved has bestowed upon them
and while I know every day is time
to show honor + respect
I offer none of these to you
- though surely in the past I did —
rather because I can no longer celebrate
the person who knowingly caused me
such trauma + pain + heartache

today, I continue to celebrate
the wonder of me
I continue to offer my soul
everything you didn’t give me
compassion + kindness + love

Gracias for reading.