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The Girl Next Door

Part 2

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

You spent the morning talking
I couldn’t help but listen in
As your words washed over me
Waking me up from my reverie.

I couldn’t make out what you said
Yet your voice rang right through my head
I flipped at every change in tone
Marveled as you spoke on the phone.

I wondered how it would be
Your voice directed to me
Your eyes looking right into mine
Laughter ringing out so fine.

Spend hours conversing
While time goes clean missing
A conversation so effortless
A connection so limitless.

You lit up the evening
When you stepped out the shower
Looked into your phone beaming
To send a selfie to your lover.

Your golden tanned legs
Your smile a powder keg
As you ripped off all caution
To graph your inner emotion.

Imagine you take off your turban
Wet hair loose, flowing with abandon
When you send him the selfie
Imagine you thinking of me.

©️ Siva Raj, 2020



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