The Life Unique, Death Mundane

Reflecting on the end of me, the end of you, the end of us

Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights
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2 min readJun 14, 2024


By Chalabala on iStock (image licensed by author)

Death. My death. Your death.
So many ways to die… go in your sleep,
just a short trip to the grocery, oh my,
a truck, cancer teaching us the pain
of the saints, the wrong plane, the flick
of a knife blade outside a cafe, the endless
stream of vodka killing you by the drink.

We see Death, we cry at his presence, yet
we deny him in our own life. Sad, we say,
so sad the way that one died, but that will
never be me… until it is, his warm hand
reaching for yours to ease the final fear.

Death is experienced in the harvest,
honing the blade since the end of Adam,
never failing, creative at times, dedicated
to the final outcome, immune to the begging,
perhaps delighted now and then to find
the few happy to see him come for them.

We live a life unique, no one like me, never
another you, your thoughts, dreams, your
failures, not like anyone who has…



Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights

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