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The Good Life Is About Yourself

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

The good life
is about finding oneself
and being a bit lucky
with the person
that you by chance
comes along with

The good life
is about you yourself
who you are and what you do
In meeting with the other
maybe you two can create
your common bright future



26 Det gode livet

Det gode livet
handlar om å finna seg sjølv
og å vera litt heldig
med personen
som du tilfeldig
kjem saman med

Det gode livet
handlar om deg sjølv
kven du er og kva du gjer
I møtet med den andre
kanskje de to kan skapa
ei felles lys framtid

From the blog novel The Other One — the Woman in Berjaflot Road (2016)

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