The Path

Beth Stormont
Dec 5, 2019 · 2 min read

. . . the ‘chosen’ path

He started out eagerly
on the path of his choice
. . . the path he knew would
lead him to his destination.

Day after day he walked
with bold confidence
on this chosen path . . .
this path to his destiny.

Then one day he began
to experience a gnawing
feeling deep down
within himself.

‘What could this possibly be?’
he began to wonder.
‘Am I not on my chosen path
. . . the path that leads to
my ultimate destiny?’

The gnawing feeling grew.
It grew into what felt
like a discontent . . .
a divine discontent’.

Why is it called
a divine discontent’?

It is called that because
it came from the ‘spark
of divinity’ deep within
his very being.

That inner guide had
known all along that
he had veered off
the chosen path —

but it was powerless to
make it known to him
until he was ready
to recognize and
acknowledge the truth.

‘What could he possibly
do to get back onto his
chosen path?’ he wondered.

Once the desire to return
to the path of his destiny
was felt and expressed
. . . the rest was easy!

Through unexpected
events, circumstances
and people entering his life,

his chosen path appeared
clearly to him once again . . .
and in a most natural way!

From that experience he
learned to always listen to
the voice of his inner guide

and by continuing on
his chosen path to the end
. . . he achieved his destiny!

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