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Finding Stillness in Movement

Toby Israel
Blue Insights
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2 min readSep 30, 2021


Source: Unsplash

I hope this short excerpt from my book will inspire you to seek stillness, peace, and joy in movement — in whatever form that takes for you right now!

What is this thing that calls me to move and calms me through action?

What is it about being in motion — in trains or on foot, by boat, or in dance — that soothes my mind into a stillness I have never found in sitting meditation?

What is it about being in motion that, like an embodied lullaby, so entrances me — and I suspect so entrances many other lovers of movement?

The answer is in the question. Movement entrances. It occupies us — or at least it occupies me — so fully that there is absolutely no space for thoughts of elsewhere. Other times, other people, other places…these disappear in the all-pervading “this-ness” of moving. (Moving my body through space or being moved through space, it hardly matters, so long as the coordinates change fast enough to leave thoughts and worries behind.)

For many years now, I have been writing about the inner stillness that arises when all else is in flux. I experience this same outcome in yoga and ecstatic dance, aerial arts, and contact…