What a Beautiful Day!

Beth Stormont
Jul 27 · 2 min read

. . . and indeed it is!

I square dance to a song by that title
— and it is indeed a joy to dance
to both a melody and words that
so perfectly convey the reality
of such a great experience!

I love bright sunshine beaming in
through uncovered windows
. . . windows that seem to beckon
the unaltered brilliance of the sun.

I love a clear powder-blue sky that
is filled with puffy white clouds
. . . clouds that bring forth
a welcoming warmth to a sky
already filled with a peaceful
friendliness in its radiant beauty.

In the desert where I now live,
one would expect the sunshine
would be continuous each and
every day of the year —
but that is not so.

We have monsoon seasons
. . . seasons that can be
downright gloomy
. . . day after day!

They say, “We need the rain”
— and yes, indeed we do —
but often the gloom appears
without a single drop of rain!

In one of my home states,
during the monsoon seasons
the mornings were like the
beautiful days of sunshine
that I have described. . .

but suddenly in the afternoon
— totally unannounced —
would descend on the earth
the seeming wrath of Thor. . .
with full drama of thunder and
lightening in the darkest of skies

. . . and cloudbursts of rain
to fully quench the thirst of
what would otherwise be
a rather parched earth.

Then… just as suddenly as
the storm had appeared,
the beautiful day of sunshine
reappeared in all its glory. . .
but with a fresh renewal of life!

In spite of the need for rain
— (maybe I’m a bit selfish) —
I love and need my beautiful
days of bright sunshine,
blue skies, and puffy clouds. . .

I need them to feed
my inner person and
to bring joy to my soul!

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

Beth Stormont

Written by

Philosophic observer and poet of life experiences; mystic; college professor and professional Classical musician; lover of deep simplicity.

Blue Insights

All Writers— Be Heard. Sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity.

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