What’s a Copper to a Goldane?

Flash fiction in a series of limericks.

Adam Ray Cronk
Blue Insights
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2 min readSep 19, 2023


Photo by Jouwen Wang on Unsplash

They’re rather rich they say,
the Goldane family name,
and Beau can attest to his prestigious crest
that his father had paved the way.

With wits about the trade,
and keen investments made,
the old man said, “If you keep a clear head,
your debts will surely be repaid!”

Well, Beau did surely know,
that his home was lined with gold,
so to pick but a copper out from his coffer
seemed a jest or a trifle or so.

So when the ale was cold,
and the women warm to hold,
Beau raved away through the nights and the days
with nary a care in the world.

But all things have their price,
and fate oft not be nice,
so when Beau did bother again of his father
a pittance, he met quite the sight.

The lad was given a fright,
for the family curse had struck twice,
the old man lay in the bed he had made
and he paid for his greed with his life.



Adam Ray Cronk
Blue Insights

Poet & short story writer, lover of eldritch horror and anything Poe or Lovecraft | My writing ebbs and flows, from dark to light and back again.