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Why I Write

Ale and her personal writing journey

How it started

I wrote my first prose lines at the age of 20, almost 7 years ago and I barely remember what led me to this brave act but here I am. I started my Medium journey in July this year because I really wanted to share my thoughts with a community that understands what it means to be careful with your soul. By putting on paper how you feel, what you see, your deepest desires you start to see the world with other eyes. However, at the same time, writing helps me exercise my English grammar.

As a clinical psychologist, I always want to spread the kindest words for my patients, just because they need to understand that sometimes a word said at the right time changes a life. It wasn’t easy for me to start to share my thoughts with a community that doesn’t know me, but at the same time, I find out that this is the best way to understand me better.

I don’t follow any rules, I just follow my heart in terms of writing. Actually, I think that is no rule book for writing. When the poem comes from the bottom of your heart, the reader can really feel and also imagine what kind of soul the writer has.

Desire to be heard, I write about everything, from love, peace, soul, friendship, to even fantasy, just because I know that out there are some people who need to hear a poem that interferes with their state of mind. I start to believe that my second name is empathic. In our age is so important to understand the needs of the other and if you can, to help them.

I remember how my heart jumped when I sended my first poem to a publication and after 2 hours I received an email that MY POEM was accepted and published, Francine Fallara made my day. That little thing motivates me and opens up my eyes that I can really do this, to write, because everyone needs to be heard.

I write because it gives me a free state of mind and I want to become one of the writers who let a mark on someone's soul. It feels so good dancing with words. I want to inspire, to heal others' souls, and to understand what life’s about.

Perhaps through writing, I have the opportunity to improve the relationship between the soul and the mind.




Creating and sharing emotions — Spark plugs to ignite your virtual humanity. Everyone deserves to be heard.

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