You Are Not Alone

Take my hand, I am here for you

Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights
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1 min readMay 22
By Anna Rise on iStock (image licensed by author)

You are not alone. I don’t
know the battles you fought.
I can’t understand the stealing
of the years of your life.
But I will listen….

Take my hand… let us sit
quietly, I will hear your story
of pain, I will not let you
go through this alone.

I will tell you shattered dreams
shape your life. I will whisper
I am here, he is gone,
you are safe with me,
your head on my shoulder,
your time for tears.

The numbing fear in your eyes
fades. The flinch at a door opening
in the night stops. The terror of heavy
footsteps and the rattle of whiskey
bottles ends.

Your crying is your healing,
Your pain of a thousand days
of fear is over… your time now
to live again.

Take my hand… let me lift you.
Hear my words, let the healing
begin. Sit by my side and know
I am here for you.

You, beaten but never submitting,
damaged, but stronger, tempered
by a fight only you could win.

I can, and will,
stand by my friend.
Take my hand, you
are not alone.



Thomas Plummer
Blue Insights

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