Black-White Fixie Bicycle by Eltipo Graphic Design Studio

perfect for the city! m.

eltipo graphic design studio’s ‘black-white fixie’ was originally commissioned by its fellow belgian-compatriot and design studio pinkeye. the relationship between the glossy white and matte black is in perfect harmony from every perspective possible. the supple brown leather seat and handlebars are both engraved with a seamless three-dimensional geometric pattern, subtly revealing their natural light brown undertones.

the eltipographic ‘black-white’ fixie bicycle is a monochromatic masterpiece with a new aesthic, and refines style on two wheels. it features the iconic pairing of glossy white and matte black, plus the dark brown leather seat and handlebars make use of lazer engraving for their minimalist design. while the simplicity of its form gives the impression that it should be made for city cruising, in actuality, it serves as decoration for a pop-up show.

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