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Launch timeline for Bluejay Finance

As the team continued to make progress towards the launch, we are excited to share with you our timeline and roadmap towards launching BLU and then our first algorithmic stablecoin in Asia.

Review of Progress

Testnet is launching soon!

The Bluejay Team was busy the last few months working to deliver the best algorithmic stablecoin in the region.

Smart Contract Development

Overview of contracts within the protocol

At present, we have completed development on all core and periphery smart contracts for the entire protocol. We have also completed one round of smart contract audits internally. In addition, we have handed over our smart contracts to an external smart contract auditor.

Tokenomics Simulation

The focus of the tokenomics simulation is to understand how does the model work when different users interact with it and determine the best control variables.

Tracking error of bluSGD in simulation

One of the metrics that is the most important for stablecoin production is its ability to track the external price and we are proud to report very promising figures. The bluSGD was able to keep average tracking error under 1% and median tracking error under 0.5% even under periods of stress.

Price movement of bonds & market price

In addition, the team was able to determine the range of control variables to the system that allows for a healthy price movement of the protocol for different scenarios of funds flowing into the protocol — balancing between inflation and price appreciation.

Frontend Development

Sneak preview of app under development

The Bluejay engineering team has been expanding and is now a team of 4, to quickly build out the interfaces for interacting with the smart contracts. The team has since written the features for the following:

  • Staking & unstaking of BLU
  • Buying of treasury bonds
  • Buying of stabilizing bonds

Once the most basic version of the UI is available we will be able to invite interested participants on our discord to try out the beta version of the UI while the team continuously works towards improving the experience.

Upcoming Key Milestones

Testnet Launch

The team will be launching our protocol on Rinkeby, a test network of Ethereum, around the week of 28th Mar 2022.

The purpose of the test net launch is to allow users to test out various features of the protocol and for the team to collect feedback from both users and the smart contracts.

Users will be given dummy assets like fake DAI on the test network to interact with the protocol in a few ways:

  • Buying of treasury bonds
  • Buying of stabilizing bonds
  • Trading of BLU on uniswap
  • Trading of bluSGD on uniswap
  • Staking & unstaking of BLU
  • etc

Users who partake in the test net will be eligible for a whitelist spot during the whitelist sale period when the protocol launches on the mainnet.

*More info on the test net launch & participation will be made available in another post

Whitelist Sale

Once the test net launch completes, the protocol will be running a Whitelist sale to bootstrap the protocol. During this phase, users will be able to purchase the BLU tokens at a fixed price to raise liquidity in the treasury to launch the protocol.

Anyone can get into the whitelist by participating in various activities on the Bluejay Finance discord channel, Twitter, or during our test net launch. In addition, the team may automatically whitelist active participants of other DeFi projects or partner projects.

During this phase, a small amount of liquidity will be added to Uniswap for participants to trade BLU on.

In addition to the sale, there will be some early backers & investors who will be receiving shares of BLU during this phase.

The whitelist sale is currently scheduled to be in the month of May.

*More info on the whitelist process will be made available in another post

BLU Launch

Once the initial treasury has been bootstrapped, the team will launch the protocol on Ethereum mainnet.

At this phase, the following products will be made generally available:

  • Buying & selling BLU on Uniswap
  • Buying Treasury bonds with DAI and DAI/BLU LP
  • Staking & unstaking of BLU

The mainnet launch is currently scheduled to be in Q3 2022.

bluSGD Launch

After launching BLU, the team will be waiting for a few weeks to allow for prices to stabilize and liquidity to be deepened before launching the SGD stablecoin.

At this phase, the bluSGD will be made generally available alongside the following products:

  • Buying & selling of bluSGD on Uniswap
  • Buying Treasury bonds with DAI/bluSGD LP
  • Buying SGD Stabilizing bond with DAI

The launch is currently scheduled to be in the month of June.

Beyond the Launch

After the various milestones have been reached, the team will work to continuously monitor and operate the protocol.

In addition, we will be scheduling the launch of the Philippines stablecoins (bluPHP) as our next stablecoin as well as launching other products & partnerships that complement our stablecoin products.

Stay tuned and participate in discussions on Discord to propose any interesting ideas or collaborations you may have!

What can you do now?

We are currently pre-launch as we run rigorous tests on our protocol. You may subscribe to our newsletter or get involved in the following ways:

In addition, you can try to score some whitelist slots during the whitelist sale phase and keep a lookout for the test net launch and how you can participate.

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