Bluekiri @ Percona Live Europe 2017

Percona Live Europe 2017

At Bluekiri we do a lot of things and one of them is CI/CD (Continuous Improvement and Continuous Development) of people. That is the main reason why we were at the most miscellaneous conference of databases in Europe a few weeks ago. They thoroughly believe that open source databases are the best way to make your business, the best solution for managing your data.

We do use and manage various databases for each workload and we do not believe in “one database for all”. This ideas are very aligned with Percona’s as they provide support for SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB and more expected in the future.

Every workload has their database and each database has their workload.

The general impression were that most of the sessions were oriented to several interesting topics.

  • Monitoring. Focus on getting insights from our database systems using the best monitoring system. Percona presented the “Percona Monitoring and Management” (PMM) 1.3 with great improvements for MongoDB and MySQL MyRocks.
  • Integration. There where a lot of solutions to get data from database A to database B even when both databases are totally different.
  • Performance. Getting the most out of our database with some tweaks and some interesting hidden knobs to know about.
  • Scaling. Always a big issue. We could get information about how to scale out databases to Github or Wikipedia level.

We where only two of us, so it was impossible to go to all the sessions. We chose that ones we believed that were more interesting for us.

Day 1

The main keynote were very clear. They believe in open source. Percona is facilitating big companies technologies to regular users by supporting more options than others in their products, like MyRocks for MySQL and MongoRocks with is RocksDB for MongoDB. Being both solutions developed at Facebook.

The coming MySQL 8.0 had a lot of presence and Oracle had time to explain all the good that this new version will bring to replication, performance improvements, InnoDB and a lot more.

We think every one there believe that ProxySQL is a big player when it comes to MySQL proxy. Everyone’s thats use it loves it!

The prometheus monitoring system had presence with a few sessions. The next major version 2.0 is about to get out with lots of improvements. We are waiting for this release to finally migrate our traditional monitoring system to prometheus.

Finally, at the end of the day we where at the Community Dinner where some give very interesting lightning talks and Guinness beer!

Day 2

The book “Database Reliability Engineering” had been presented with their authors. There are a compilation of best engineering practices when it comes to databases. It shows how the DBA role has evolved over the last decades and has become more skilled than ever.

One interesting talk was “Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-Scale Machine Learning” which the results where really impressive.

How to mix in RDMBS structured (tables) and non-structured data (json). Pros and cons of each one. In a RDBMS json type has their use cases but it is the exception, not the norm.

Github had a great two sessions where they talk about how to do continuous backup and schema migration testing in MySQL.

Finally, the little presence about how to run databases on public clouds or containers shows that people care about their data and their privacy. Containers for stateful data are not ready yet for enterprise users. At least, that was our impression.

We can only wait to see you at the next Percona Live Europe 2018.

Stay tunded! Later on we will add more posts about Postgresql and MongoDB.

We are hiring so reach out if you would like to join us in this amazing journey.

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