How to start your business with a mobile application?

Maria Tarasenko
Aug 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Have you noticed how fast time is changing? 15 years ago you could only imagine these things which are ordinary right now. For example, you can talk with your colleagues using video connection and you can ask them something you don’t understand in your project sharing the screen of your computer, later after the hard day you can get the taxi using applications and touch of one finger and you can order your favorite food just to your home using another application and you can even pay using one more application. I’m excited about the world like this: the world where nothing stands still and everything changes as quickly as it possible.

And I’m pretty sure what if you read it, you already have an idea for your own start-up. Whoever you are: practiced businessman or young person with idea in your head and fire in your eyes: I’m sure you have to try only because it’s better to realize your idea right now than watching how people get success using your idea in 2 years. The easiest way to run your business in our times its run your application or your online store. Let’s talk about the app.

Why will the development of a mobile application help you in launching your business? There are several reasons below:

  • Quick presentation of the company on the market
  • A convenient method of selling goods and services with the maximum hit in the target audience
  • Constant communication with the client
  • Receiving direct feedback about a product or service
  • Automation of internal business processes
  • Customer data processing

Your app would be very popular if it would help people in their everyday life. It’s shouldn’t be something very complicated. Applications that perform one or two functions are becoming more and more popular.

Nowadays every good company has at least one application. So what should you do if you have no idea how to do it or your knowledge about web or desktop applications limited to base HTML structure what you learned in days of your school? Well, application it’s a complicated and interesting progress and you can make it in 4 steps: Create an idea and design of application; write the code or find some services where you can create a wireframe; add to your app functionality using another services which made by programmers to the people who don’t want to learn the code and find the way to promote and sell your app. For sure, you can do it by yourself spending lots of the days learning how to do it. But you also have a choice: instead of learning all these things mentioned above you can just trust professionals who already know how to do it and has big experience in it. You will save your time what you can spend on more important things (like searching for investors for your business).

Furthermore, if you will give your idea to professionalls they can realize it even better than you can imagine it based on their experience. From now, it wouldn’t be only your problem: the big team of people who passionately loves that they do will help you to do your project on the high level. You shouldn’t think about design, wireframe and promotion. All you need to do it’s to show us your idea and to choose the design or functionality you like the most and enjoy the result.

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