As published in the crowdfunded democratic paper the Word. 2016 written during the Labour leadership election.

Hi. I’m Romanian and I’ve come to sort your shit.

I’m aware there are some of the Guardian worshipping crowd who think all is fine in the West but for the lazy who deserve it anyway. If the NHS underfunding, surveillance state, corporate tax avoidance coupled with Austerity, etc., don’t open your eyes, then… the propaganda is strong with this one. Have you completed a tax return? It’s like being ambushed in a back alley, knife to your throat, but it’s an abstract knife and it owns the law, jails and the military. Obviously, not if you’re Cameron, May or Google; then you don’t have to pay tax. Only if you’re already desperate.

I am not a socialist. I am actually georgist (which is taking socialism’s notion of sharing the means of production to its correct conclusions). But I AM PRO CORBYN. It is a matter of survival. If survival of most rather than 1% is socialism, so be it. I don’t care. I want to live.

I’ll tell you why: I have a disorder that’s progressing and making me disabled: TMD. I’ve been seeing NHS doctors for 5 years. It’s a mechanical disorder. They keep prescribing me strong antidepressants. I am not depressed. Amitriptylin has been linked with suicide, and deep depressive cycles and other side effects. People died taking it. It’s easy to believe the docs that a skeletal disorder can somehow be fixed by messing up my brain; if you’re a poppet; which a lot of Western people are. But please google Joanna Moncrieff. Look up the work of a lifelong, reputable psychiatrist who came out as a whistleblower of the mental health industry. Her well argued case is that the mental health industry doesn’t know much about the brain, but acts as a drug peddler for the pharma industry, to medicate us into unquestioning worker obedience. THIS IS CAPITALISM playing doctor with your brain while draining your wallet. It’s been further proven correct by a recent study published in…the British Medical Journal!

As of last week, the news picked up by the Guardian (but buried there) is that the psych pharma industry kills more than it heals.If that sentence, presented by an official collective of scientists, largely ignored and distorted by the MSM, doesn’t send chills down your spine — then you’re sleeping. Hard. On the production line in your own abattoir.

With the NHS on the dismemberment track, we’ll have to sell kidneys to afford private treatment of our lifestyle-and-labour induced cancer. Then we retire–at 70, encouraged to die fast so we don’t waste anyone’s time.. It’s sinister sight, if you take your face out of the shopping trolley into reality.

Now, most like to blame this on the Tories. And bash Corbyn for making Labour “unelectable”. Man’s got HUGE popular support and woke the interest of millions to politics, but he’s…”unelectable”. What does that even mean? At an unofficial Labour meeting (because, you know, the Labour party became all dictatory and banned all official meetings until election), I asked seeming independent minded MP Graham Stringer: why is his and other MPs’ emphasis so much on Labour getting in power, with or without Corbyn? An idea Labour coup MPs try to sell. “We need to oppose the Tories, but Corbyn’s unelectable”. Bullshit. All policies are not created equal. Red Tories have Tory policies, ARE TORIES. Why would I care they display a Labour rose on the epaulette? I don’t care! Maybe you, polite albino Brits, are so divorced from the natural reality, you’re now way above discussing survival. But I’m not. It may well be the International Party of Rhinoceros in power for all I care, as long as they stop the oppression machine. tells you how the MPs vote. If they abstained on austerity, pro-war, or anti Iraq war inquiry, …they don’t work for you. For corporations, the Italian/weapons mafia…not you. Like presentable bland generic flavour Owen Smith, who’s PR job is to superficially blow (read: distract) people with platitudes, while corporations steal money, power & labour from you. That’s not benign; that’s your whole life there. I don’t automatically trust an MP because he says “Labour values” in a soothing tone a lot. Do you? Pathetic.

Asked this, Graham dwindled the answer: something, something, non monolith policies Labour, Labour. Disappointing. Different policies are not different like vanilla and chocolate; like good and evil, more like. It’s as if you think choosing left or right wing is looking into a posh shop window, choosing the ostrich fascinator or a silk turban. NO. It’s SURVIVAL. Pro war means taking our NHS money and putting it into the murder of millions, for somebody to make billions off the weapons industry & war. Haven’t you paid attention? Trident, mucho dinero; NHS, cuts, cuts, cuts. What do you think that means? Basic arithmetics.

Graham Stringer is not a bad guy. He might think that, because some right wing MPs are hard working, they mean well. Hard working is not necessarily a value. They could be working hard to get rich and subjugate the planet. You think Inquisitors were lazy? No! Evil is motivated. Organised. Resourceful. Pfft. Meanwhile I am ripping my cheeks off in pain because the NHS is busy and the private doctor wants 10K. And my 14hour/day work can only buy immediate survival. IN THE FIRST WORLD.

Things are bad for ALL, not just the poor and disabled. But the worst victim is definitely the language: at least back home, I can call fat, fat. Not BBW. “We bring democracy to Iraq”. Don’t your circuits explode when you have to use these ridiculous euphemisms? Mine do. But then I’m not a drone.

Listen, Albion, word of advice: careful who you listen to. Do they stand to profit off you believing a certain strain of bullshit? Then switch it off. Pay attention. Don’t believe the guy in a shiny suit. It might mean so much to him, he’ll walk over anybody to get it. The whole country.

Yeah, so…#JC4PM, please. We like to live.