Attending #QBConnect16? Don’t Miss These 6 Sessions

QuickBooks Connect is starting next week in San Jose! As a developer, I’m excited to network with other developers at this conference. This is a great opportunity for app developers to reach potential customers, and get feedback on their app to make it more successful.

There is also an amazing lineup of speakers from Intuit’s Scott Cook and Brad Smith, to Eva Longoria, Michael Phelps, Malcolm Gladwell and Shaquille O’Neal. Anyone looking to learn about latest trends and technologies around small businesses, accountants and developers knows that QBConnect is the place to be.

Here are six sessions you don’t want to miss:

  1. Implementing analytic and optimization tools on your website or app
    Tuesday, October 25, 2:45–3:45 PM
    Brian and I will be presenting this talk, so I have to mention it. ;) We’ll cover fundamentals of A/B testing, landscape of both commercials and open source analytical tools, and best practices on making informed decisions about improving your website.
  2. Be a green apple: How to differentiate yourself in a red apple world
    Monday, October 24, 11:00–12:00 PM
    A part of the Accountant day on Monday, October 24, this talk covers great ways to connect to your teams and clients. It always takes some “courage to be a green apple in an ordinary red apple world” says presenter John Garrett. Learn how to identify what makes you unique and how you can stand out from your peers.
  3. Building your brand versus selling your services
    Monday, October 24, 3:30–4:25 PM
    How do you build your brand and reputation? Many small business owners associate this with tedious selling techniques. Presenter Jason Deshayes from Butler and Company CPAs makes the case that you can actually build a referral network without cold calling potential clients. Jason points out that it’s more important to establish a personal brand and describes how to grow a deep client base.
  4. Big innovation for small business: what’s next for developers?Tuesday, October 25th, 11:00–12:25 AM
    I’m very excited about this session as it will cover a panel of media, angel investors and analysts on the future of small business innovation. Vinay Pai from Intuit Developer Group and other panelists will talk about how technology will affect small businesses and how developers can drive growth and adoption.
  5. Marketing your app: learn from your developer peers
    Tuesday, October 25, 1:25–2:25 PM
    How do you go from launching your app to making it big on QuickBooks ecosystem? Learn from the pros on the tips and tricks you need to succeed with small businesses and accounts.
  6. Growing from 5 employees to 20
    Wednesday, October 26, 10:35–11:35 AM
    Learn directly from the business owners that have recently grown their small business to a company with around 20 employees. Understand what to expect as your business grows, learn useful tips on how to plan for your growth, and get other insights.

QuickBooks Connect 2016 — here we come!