Learn to Develop Mobile Apps in Just Eight Weeks

The Intuit-sponsored CodePath bootcamp is for software engineers who want to learn mobile development in order to become Full-Stack Engineers. The bootcamp gives developers hands-on experience building Swift iOS apps in line with industry best practices. This training is perfect for software developers looking to add mobile development to their toolkit.

A team with real value

We’ve partnered with CodePath to offer a free, accelerated 8-week evening iOS bootcamp for 30 students at the Intuit headquarters in Mountain View, California. Our experience building 18 apps with millions of app users has taught us that adding mobile skills is crucial. CodePath brings an expertise teaching engineers so participants in the bootcamp will come away with confidence knowing they can develop for mobile.

A bootcamp with real benefits

It’s a bootcamp that will expand your skill-set across the full range of major mobile topics and help you make the move from specialist to generalist. Over two evenings — a total of four hours — each week along with evening and weekend project-work, you’ll work along with a team to design, build, and ship a mobile app.

Training with real insights

Sure, you could look up this information yourself at home. After all, there are thousands of resources on the web on how to develop mobile apps. But this Intuit-sponsored CodePath bootcamp teaches you things you wouldn’t easily find on these casual resources. You’ll gain insights into how mobile apps are used in the real world and be introduced to best practices. You’ll be able to connect with real-life problems, and discover tips and tricks on how to solve the issues customers grapple with every day.

It’s no superficial training course. You’ll learn how to create real apps by studying mobile concepts and attending topic review sessions. You’ll be developing a group project, and tackling assignments on each new topic. By the end, as part of a team, you’ll have designed and shipped a complete app.

Mentors with real experience

Not only will you work on something real. You’ll also learn from the advice and first-hand experience of leading mobile developers. These are software engineers who’ve helped us grow the mobile footprint for our entire family of products, from Mint, QuickBooks and Online Payroll to TurboTax. People like Senior Software Engineer, Pranay Airan. Inspired by our first Intuit app, Tap2Track, Pranay built the new automatic mileage tracking feature into the QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app.

To those thinking of applying to the bootcamp, Pranay says: “This is a chance to build real life apps, to learn advanced stuff through advanced tasks, to develop a good understanding of the topic and to come up with well-thought-out ideas on how to tackle the challenges while working on great teams. If you can invest the time, it’s a fantastic way to grow your career in another direction and meet great people along the way.”

An application with real potential

Ready to make the move to all-round, full stack expert? Apply for the iOS mobile bootcamp now. Or, if you know an engineer who wants to learn iOS development, share with friends, your network and the community. We hope to see you on March 27 for the classes in Mountain View.