OXO Pop Container, a beautifully simple design

I have a passion for objects which are designed really well. The products and designers which go the extra mile to make sure what they produce solves their problem with an elegant and efficient product.

For the first post in this series I wanted to focus on a product which I’ve been a bit crazed with recent, which i believe is one of the best containers for food storage on the market. The OXO Good Grips POP containers are airtight, stackable and space efficient. What differentiates these from the rest of the market is their unique ‘pop’ mechanism.


The unique push button lid allows you to create an air tight seal with a single press. The spring loaded action also doubles as a handle to easily lift the lid once it’s been depressed. This ease of both opening and sealing the container make them excellent for people suffering from arthritis.

Easy Cleaning

You should never put the container into the dishwasher, damage to the rubber seal may affect its ability to form a seal. Luckily the rubber seal is detachable from the main head. The section detaches by rotating the seal section anticlockwise from the main lid. This means the main lid, and the container section can be placed into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Stackable & Pourable

There are in total 11 different sizes of containers formed into two groups. Squares and rectangles. The rectangles are twice the size of the squares which makes everything stackable on everything else. Awesome.

While these containers are not designed for liquids, there rimmed containers allowed for easy pouring in the corners of products such as rice or pasta.


I really think OXO have designed an awesome product which solve a complicated problem with a simple and efficient solution. However, as always there are a few points which ideally need improving.

Firstly the plastic container isn’t made of a shatterproof plastic, when you drop the container on the floor it shatters very easily. Secondly in the smaller sizes the lids can contribute to half the size of the container. Thirdly these containers are relatively expensive. Ranging from £5 — £15 for a single container.

Buy now from Amazon.co.uk

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