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No-Code Project Management

No Code Projects do not give you an excuse to abandon project management

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No-Code Scrum?

  1. Define simple Solution or Product Features using User Stories and Epics, and I also recommend at least simple Use Cases (more discussion on this below).
  2. Features get added to the Solution (or Product) Backlog.
  3. Sprints are Planned and Feature Implementation estimated as Features are added to the Sprint Backlog.
  4. Sprints are Executed and Sprint Reviews are conducted.
  5. And Features are Implemented and deployed to the current version.

Use Cases to the Rescue

No Code, but Good Project Management Still Required



Brutally honest thinking and commentary about managing (and sometimes even just surviving) Projects edited by Peter Walzer, Principal of Blue Globe Management Consulting (a division of Blue Globe Group, Inc.,

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Peter Walzer has over 30 years of experience in management consulting, project management, systems development, and “get up you’re not hurt” persistence.