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Where is Agile Headed?

A review of’s 15th Annual State of Agile Report

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Significant Increases in Agile Adoption

  1. 94% of respondents “report their company is practicing Agile.”
  2. “over half of respondents (52%) say either a majority or all of their company’s teams have adopted Agile.”

Agile Adoption Benefits

Figure 1. Agile Adoption Benefits. ( | 15th State of Agile Report)

Agile Challenges Aren’t Unexpected

Figure 2. Agile Adoption Challenges (upper portion of report “Agile Challenges” chart) . ( | 15th State of Agile Report)

Where Does Agile Go From Here?



Brutally honest thinking and commentary about managing (and sometimes even just surviving) Projects edited by Peter Walzer, Principal of Blue Globe Management Consulting (a division of Blue Globe Group, Inc.,

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Peter Walzer

Peter Walzer has over 30 years of experience in management consulting, project management, systems development, and “get up you’re not hurt” persistence.