Blueshare’s On The Road: Where We Were and Where We’re Going

Silvia Angelova
Nov 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Blueshare is a project which strives to become among the very first ones to offer paper equity shares on the blockchain. By doing so, it manages to solve a wide range of issues which are currently riddling the stock market, making the stock buying process user-friendly, inexpensive, secure, and entirely transparent.

Traditional Profitability Empowered by Blockchain

Having identified an array of issues which are crippling the conventional stock market, Blueshare is on a mission to provide a viable, effective, and efficient alternative.

The project tokenizes company shares by issuing a security token (Blueshare Token) which represents the easiest and the quickest way to own shares of Interprom Mining AG. The latter will acquire its shares from Interprom LLC — a company with more than 22 years of experience which is currently completing a project which includes the construction of 5 metro stations and 5 kilometers of tunneling for the subway of Sofia — the capital city of the European country Bulgaria.

Having completed a broad range of large-scale infrastructural projects, Interprom has taken its opportunity to expand its reach and diversify its operations. As such, it managed to secure mining concessions worth over 3.4 billion Euros, with a main focus on Gold, Zinc, Silver, Copper, and Lead.

The company’s mission is to raise upwards of 200 million Euros in capital, which are to be directly invested into its mining and exploration concessions. For this, the project intends to generate between 80–100 million Blueshare security tokens.

Benefits of Owning Blueshare security token

By taking away the hurdles of the conventional stock market and the traditional paper share ownership, Blueshare brings forward an array of advantages that its shareholders can enjoy.

These include but are not limited to:

· Complete lack of intermediaries

· User friendly dividend payouts

· Open communication channel between investors

· Unmatched security

· Unlimited mobility of the embodied value through P2P trades

Serious Goals Require Serious Commitment

Blueshare has gone out of its way to devise a comprehensive road show so that the project can get in touch with potential investors and members of its community.

As such, it will be attending almost all of the forthcoming major conferences in the cryptocurrency field.

The road show kicked off in Malta, where Blueshare did a comprehensive 4-minute pitch, explaining the project in details. The conference has undoubtedly been a blast as it managed to get together over 8,000 cryptocurrency and blockchain aficionados, projects, investors, media, and whatnot.

Immediately after Malta, our team flew for St. Petersburg for the largest Russian blockchain conference — the Blockchain Life where Blueshare won 3rd place at ICOTOP Pitch.

Here’s where we’ll be and where we will eagerly wait for you through the month of November:

November 13–15th — Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conf 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 17th — BlockBali Summit in Bali, Indonesia

November 27th — Blockchain Summit Dubai, UAE

November 28–29th — Blockchain Expo North America in Santa Clara, USA

November 28th — December 1st — Blockshow Singapore

You can read more about the Blueshare project on the official website. You can also stay tuned on Facebook for regular updates from the intensive roadshow and any news surrounding the project!

What do you think of tokenized assets? Do you agree that this is the future? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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