A little more about us…

Over the years, we have been a little nervous about talking about what we do, because the clients we work with and the information systems they rely on to do their jobs can be, well, a little sensitive. This has driven us to “default to silence” when thinking about the production of content for the world at large.

As we grow older as a firm, and more comfortable with media, we have begun to realize that this approach may have been… how should we say… overly cautious. We do a lot of really cool things in our little Wonka factory here off McPherson Square, and we are looking forward to sharing those things with you in the coming weeks and months.

In our most basic form, we are a team of professional systems and software engineers. We perform commercial product research, develop systems and process modernization strategies, create prototypes, and implement enterprise IT solutions based on a number of widely-implemented commercial platforms. We like going to Nats games.

Our repeatable design approach has been applied to our diverse set of clients in the federal space as well as commercial clients ranging from small boutique businesses to large trade associations. Those clients often meet us at The Post Pub, or Maddy’s after the work day is through.

Team members review an implementation strategy for an upcoming digital delivery at BluestoneLogic’s headquarters in downtown Washington, DC.

While people are our primary asset, our product is mostly senior leadership-quality material artifacts and functioning, modernized business and mission systems. We blend traditional systems engineering (operations management stuff like the Toyota Production System and the musings of Edward Deming) with systems & design thinking to deliver a structured approach to design, prototype, and build solutions that enable our clients to meet their goals.

We are looking forward to sharing more with you and others in our community as the weather improves and the fun kicks into high gear this year.