Using Ambari to administer BlueTalon on Hortonworks Hadoop

Ben Weintraub
Mar 30, 2017 · 3 min read

As Hadoop clusters have grown in complexity, the need for an easy to use cluster management tool has grown. Enter: Apache Ambari. Ambari is the preferred enterprise solution for setting up, managing, and configuring Hortonworks HDP clusters. BlueTalon can now be configured, installed, and monitored with Ambari, and we’re excited to share how simple your BlueTalon experience can be.

Ease of install

Installation of BlueTalon can be initiated through the Ambari dashboard bypassing any exercise in scripting. Configuration fields which require input are marked with red indicators to ensure you don’t make mistakes and guarantee your install will go smoothly, and each configuration property is tagged with a helpful description so you can understand your security solution — eliminating the need to reference external documentation. Your install will also let you visually track its changing status through the wizard, and click on the color-coded message indicators to see log output and understand any warnings or errors that could occur.

With just a few clicks in the intuitive Ambari UI, you can be on your way to securing your Hortonworks cluster with BlueTalon HDFS enforcement points, Audit Engine, and Policy Engine.

Intuitive service management

BlueTalon services are managed from within Ambari’s user-friendly interface. A drill-down view of the BlueTalon services shows the health status of each of the BlueTalon components with a green or red indicator. The count next to the indicator makes it easy to track the status of HDFS enforcement points that are typically installed on each worker nodes. These capabilities circumvent the need to use tools like SSH to tediously check each node and manage your (potentially, thousands of) SSH keys.

One-click start, stop, and restart can be triggered from the same view for one or multiple BlueTalon components, if needed — a convenience after changing configuration parameters or adding additional services.

Taming the configuration beast

Configuring an enterprise distributed system is no longer a task for hard-to-find experts! Directly from the Ambari UI, you can make configuration changes to any of the BlueTalon components. Ambari handles the distribution of configuration updates to all nodes and ensures they are in sync. Ambari also handles configuration versioning, so the BlueTalon configurations can be returned to any previously saved state.

While the nice dashboard features have been called out above, all of these functionalities can also be initiated using the RESTful interface for simple automation and scripting.

Hadoop can be complicated. That’s why our focus with this integration was to abstract away all the messy details, so that you can focus on your business. Our finished solution combines that goal of simplicity with the ability to manage those low-level details if more direct control is desired.

If you have questions, you can contact us at or download our technical white paper at:


Unified Data Access Control

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