February on Bluewallet

Hi there, I’m Nuno from bluewallet. And in this monthly post I will try to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on with our favourite wallet, so you won’t miss anything. 😃

I will also share our numbers and be honest about the good and bad things. After all we are trying to build something cool here, and we are far from having all the answers.

So give us your feedback, any help much appreciated 👍

Numbers 🚀

iOS and Android
Downloads 12 328 (+127%)
Daily active users 16 612 (+127%)

Unique users 9 251 (+50,7%)

Unique users 7 107 (+316%)

What’s new 🆕

There were 3 releases in February and the noticeable changes are:

- Support for Indonesian and Chinese languages;
- Transaction list on main screen limited to 15 items;
- Performance improvements (we are still trying);
- Easy keyboard dismissal;
- New wallet UI buttons for Lightning.

What we are working on at the moment 🤓

We are working on our own electrum server backend with the goal to stop using blockcypher API. This will allow us many cool things, such us removal of one trusted 3rd party, using native bech32 addresses, multiple on-chain transactions in simultaneous, RBF and CPFP on HD wallets, plug-in your own node, etc :)

I talked with Roger from Cryptowelt

Take a look if want to know more about bluewallet, how it works, the future of wallets and the education needed on the space.

People are using LNDhub self-hosted

February was particularly good. We started to see people hacking our lndhub solution and running their own nodes with bluewallet. If you have some free time I suggest to spend it on trying to set up your own node and connect it to the wallet, you will have the best of both worlds in terms of sovereignty and mobile experience.

Here’s a list of tutorials that users have published on how to do it yourself: (props for these guys!)

Marketplace and Lapps

Ordering Pizza with Lightning

If you are on the U.S. you can now order Dominos pizza directly using Lightning — Lightning fast delivery. A nice proof of concept from fold to experiment building payment system on top of lightning.

Also available from the Lapp marketplace.

try it out

Play LN Hunt game

If you are into gaming, then LN hunt will be just your thing. The epic game was brought to Lightning by kriptode.com and it is a nice example of the capabilities of the network when it comes to gaming.

Also available from the Lapp marketplace.

try it out

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