March on Bluewallet

Hi there, I’m Nuno from bluewallet. And in this monthly post I will try to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on with our favourite wallet, so you won’t miss anything. 😃

I will also share our numbers and be honest about the good and bad things. After all we are trying to build something cool here, and we are far from having all the answers.

So give us your feedback, any help much appreciated 👍

Numbers 📊

let’s take a look at the numbers. Since it’s the end of the first quarter, we can look at how the first 3 months of the year went, and how it has been since we went out of “stealth mode” (by accident 😆).

March numbers
Downloads 5 284 (-54%)
Monthly active users 13 110 (-15%)
Sessions 55 953 (-8%)
Marketplace active users 8 321 (+17%)

Numbers went down as expected. February was just crazy with people now discovering BlueWallet and telling their friends about it. March numbers are more realistic and we expect to maintain these numbers or increase them over the next months. In general, we saw a big drop on the downloads, but engagement and monthly active users was not that affected by this drop, which seems a good indicator.

Q1 numbers
Sent Lightning transactions 60 000 +
Lightning wallets created 20 000 +
Onchain wallets created 40 000 +

In terms of numbers for this quarter, here’s a small sample of what is going on inside the wallet. They are very motivating numbers, with a lot of new usage on Lightning. But, of course never disregard L1 😎

Users have sent more than 60 000 transactions over Lightning, not counting bluewallet to bluewallet tx or receiving tx. And, created more than 20 000 wallets. Let’s try to double these numbers for the next quarter :)

What’s new 🆕

There were 3 releases in March and the noticeable changes are:

  • Language support for Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian and Italian.
  • Broadcast TX using Electrum
  • Use Electrum to estimate fee
  • Better support for different lndhub uris
  • Send BTC should ignore non-onchain wallets
  • Deeplink would fail sometimes on cold start
  • Read clipboard for transactions
  • Create button was difficult to press
  • Blur sensitive views from visibility on app switcher
  • Switch Lightning wallets on send screen.
  • Chain type in order to determine what type of wallet has been selected.
  • Handle BitPay BIP70 scenarios where schema isn’t present.
  • Send BTC should ignore non-onchain wallets

What we are working on at the moment 🏗

As you can see there were already two features ported to our own electrum server, and we will continue with the migration this month. This continues to be our main priority and an ongoing process.

We have been playing with one more experiment. This time for Apple Watch users. At the moment, we are in the final phase of testing. But it should come out this month.

First iteration will be very rudimentary, with the paring and enclave with your iPhone and the receive feature for onchain wallets. Next iterations will include more features :)

Big shout out to Igor and Marcos, show them some love on twitter ❤️

I talked with Jamie from Crypto Koala

Take a look if want to know more about bluewallet, the future of wallets and the education needed on the space.

Help center available ⛑

We spent some time, and it is still a working in progress, but it is now publicly available. In this help center you will be able to see the best practices, the known problems and how to solve them. Also tutorials on how to run your own node with bluewallet are available there.

Marketplace and Lapps ⚡

Lightning Chess

Everyone’s favorite online game, now supercharged. Extend timers, undo moves, and wage bets against your opponents seamlessly over LN.

Also available from the Lapp marketplace.

try it out


A small jobs/tasks site, with many categories and off course you get paid in Lightning.

Also available from the Lapp marketplace.

try it out


👋 If you are interesting in being part of Bluewallet adventure on building the best Bitcoin wallet, reach out, would love to talk with you.