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The BlueWander Difference: Changing the world through travel

BlueWander is using locally curated tailor-made itineraries to redefine the entire travel experience and bring the world closer together. Because we believe that travel changes the word.

Modern luxury travelers today care about authentic, transformative travel experiences more than ever before — along with a deep desire for sustainability and impact.

According to a Global Luxury Market Growth report by the Analytical Research Cognizance, culinary and shopping tourism will witness the fastest growth over the next 5 years, with millennials leading the way. Approximately 45% of millennials took trips based on culinary interests in 2015.

That’s why we’re doing things differently at BlueWander. We are on a mission to change the way you discover and experience the world.

All our travel is consciously sourced from and planned by award-winning local travel experts. This ensures the most authentic bespoke experiences that are up to 30% cheaper (middleman free prices) and more impactful for the local destination economies.

We are building the world’s first luxury travel platform that matches you directly with award-winning in-destination travel agencies — providing you with unprecedented access to true local experts who design exquisite, unforgettable experiences that also bring meaningful, positive change in the world.

Here are six ways BlueWander is different:

1. BlueWander is creating a seamless, end-to-end experience powered by intuitive technology.

We use intuitive technology to create a new and better way for you to discover, plan, and book truly immersive locally-sourced trips to unique destinations. By doing so, we provide a frictionless, digital-first experience every step of the way, all at your fingertips.

Rice field and river, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

2. BlueWander offers bespoke itineraries that focus on immersive experiences and transformative interactions — but without the middlemen costs.

At BlueWander, guests work collaboratively with award-winning local travel experts to plan every step of their dream trip — everything from where to stay and which landmarks to visit to scheduling friendly tour guides and chauffeured rides, booking reservations at restaurants and spas, and volunteering at local organizations. Whether you are a history buff, adventure-seeker, or food lover, there is something for you.

3. BlueWander offers expert luxury travel concierge at your service throughout your entire trip.

We believe that travel should be a beautiful, exciting, life-enhancing experience start to finish — from the moment you begin dreaming about a trip to when to get back home. After planning your ideal itinerary with one of our local travel experts, you’ll find everything you need for your trip on our mobile platform — from boarding pass to hotel reservations to 24/7 access to local support so you are never alone during your holiday.

Torii gates in Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

4. BlueWander works directly with carefully vetted in-destination experts on your schedule from start to finish (even while on the trip).

You can trust that what is recommended for you during the planning process is from a reliable source — not a corporate marketing department — so you get the most authentic encounter possible during your trip. Our experts know the best places (and times) to visit to maximize your experience and create the most memorable time of your life.

5. BlueWander helps you feel taken care of, every step of the way.

Our proprietary technology makes the whole planning and booking experience simple, safe, efficient, and transparent. In addition to 24/7 support with someone on the ground where you are, you also receive recommendations for places to eat and things to do when you are in town, so you can be spontaneous without worrying about your safety.

6. BlueWander offers you a chance to be part of something bigger and more meaningful.

Through personal interactions with locals and transformational cultural and/or spiritual experiences, you begin to see the world differently and your perspective shifts. Travel has the power to change minds and hearts. That is why we are committed to making immersive transformational travel accessible to as many people as possible.

At BlueWander, we provide unlimited opportunities to experience the transformative power of authentic interactions and impact-focused activities that support area economies, offer a peek inside the life of local residents, connect with the history of the region, feed those in need, help conservation efforts at national parks, and so much more.

Imagine how different our world would be if more of us understood that we are more alike than different and that everyone is a neighbor. That’s why we believe travel changes the world.


For more about the BlueWander difference and how you can begin planning your dream vacation with a single click, visit us at




The new way to discover and experience the world. A platform that matches you with award-winning in-destination travel agencies — giving unprecedented access to local experts who design unforgettable experiences that bring meaningful, positive change.

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