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Dad Guilt

Heavy duty dad guilt on this episode of Turning This Car Around:

Show notes:

Moltz is on a well deserved vacation and Lex joins Armstrong from the magical and storied Earwolf studio in Los Angeles. The only guest on this episode is massive amounts of guilt.

Armstrong has seen the new Pete’s Dragon. Lex talks about forcing his children to watch the original Pete’s Dragon (on Amazon).

Pete’s Dragon, 2016: BluRay + DVD + digital HD) digital version (when available).

The boy who plays Pete in Pete’s Dragon is Oakes Fegley, just in case you needed to know.

Lex recommends This Is Where I Leave You (IMDB, Video on Amazon, Book on Amazon).

Lex also recommends massive storage bins for kid art projects. Armstrong imagines they look something like this. However, Armstrong uses something more sane.

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