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Big Back Seat

How much fun is it to find yourself there?

A formally dressed couple with happy expressions is getting into the back seat of a large car with red upholstery. The woman in a red dress is already inside while the man is leaning inward. The image includes the words: Spread your legs! Enjoy maximum leg-room in the new Pontiac Star Chief. Back Seat Driver Doodle Some nights start amorous and sweet, With fine wines and some good things to eat. So filled with romance, The evening’s last dance, Can’t help but be in the back seat. ~Aurelia Bliss
Advertisement for a 1957 Pontiac Star Chief



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Aurelia Bliss

I write about lots of things, nonfiction, fiction, and sort-of-sort-of-not fiction. Whatever I might be writing at the moment, it is always me giving a peek.