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Neighbourhoods — $NHT

… could this micro cap be a sleeping Unicorn!!!

SPOTLIGHT — $NHT 0.0003208138 USDT +0.0000163659(+5.38%)
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Neighbourhoods is a social web framework for Holochain & the distributed web. Combines design of culture and reputation, by and for communities, with a marketplace of interoperable tools. Design your neighbourhood and port data across neighbourhoods to make Dweb truly social.

Neighbourhoods is a design philosophy for Holochain hApps that allows communities to create micro-networks called neighbourhoods to engage with each other socially and commercially while preserving their unique group culture. These neighbourhoods are formed using a “low-code marketplace” where community activators can choose and combine different code blocks to create the features they desire. The social sensemaker, a language for reaction and reputation data and computation, enables groups to operate based on the ratings and measurements they choose. This allows neighbourhoods to design for discovery, engagement, and interaction based on what is important to them. The social sensemaker also enables different neighbourhoods to share information with each other on their own terms. By allowing for “memetic mediation” and “memetic bridges” between neighbourhoods, this framework enables mass coordination on the distributed web and allows for the portability of reputation from one community to another.

Opinionated Take:
What got my attention was the portability of reputational data. The restoration of user identity, and agency is valued during these days, especially with the possibility of twitter going bankrupt. On two dex and 1 cex .. this is one of those future hodls, its not for the weak of stomach, or the get rich quick folk. The strategy isn’t one of hype, the team behind the project have or had ties to the blue sky advisory group. I know their mentors sat on that particular twitter council. So they are a very very capable bunch whom I’ve had the pleasure of following for over 2.5 years now.

Before the end of 2023 we could see $NHT being listed on 20 to 30 exchanges/dexes…
Its very rare you get the chance to settle into a micro cap w/ multi-billion dollar potential.
There is strong possibility that due too relationships in place if this performs well it could be listed on top 5 exchanges… but of course its so niche it could just get listed on a top 5 exchange. Remember listings sometimes are based on “problem solved”… and there’s a big shift in demand. Platforms are funding “social” and infrastructure projects. Everyone wants to place a shiny dollar on the next “big thing”. Neighbourhoods is that next big thing.

This is one of those diamonds that’ll be a break out project for my portfolio for the year, especially with what’s happening between social media platforms. The mismanagement of twitter has drawn a spotlight to projects like Neighbourhoods. Twitter users have one foot in the door, and one foot in search of other emerging platforms… and tools, but the big issue is the self-custody and portability of user-data…. Neighbourhoods is a project that aims to be that solution. That’s why their upside over the long term has them assessed as a multi-billion dollar protocol despite being a $3M market cap.

This will be a fun hodl, the team is very academic, and professional, like just doing the research grew my acumen. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another project that’s doing what they’re doing.

Micro Caps have risks…. please do your research, this is not financial advice.






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