TBNN.it is the most comprehensive local news resource today spanning 400 cities

The Breaking News Network (“BNN”), established in 2009, is currently the largest and most comprehensive local news network in the world. From day one, the network has been dedicated to community service and social impact. The network curates over 18,000 community voices - local media, politicians, civic groups, nonprofits, cultural and arts organizations, and community leaders - across 400 cities worldwide. Including the community as news makers (with no pressure to advertise, because there are never any ads!) results in local good will that no other media network has achieved in history.

The Breaking News Network was built as 400 individual news websites curating and syndicating the best media and blog feeds in their respective communities. The new website TBNN.it consolidates all 400 news feeds into one news reference database for local news across topics that go beyond the usual fodder of crime, crashes, sports, weather and traffic. We cover local topical news of social and cultural impact not consistently reported within today’s cash strapped local news ecosystem. These include:

ARTS — Local arts news
BLCK — Local African American community news
CHNG — Local news of social impact
CLMT — Local climate change news
FOOD — Local food news
IMMREF — Local immigration reform news
MSLM — Local Muslim community news
POLS — Local political news
RE — Local real estate and housing news
STRT — Local startup and tech news

Our news feeds contribute about 100,000 local articles per week, averaging 20+ million impressions and clickthrough engagement of over 600,000 every week. All news is consumed at the local level, a media segment untouched by national news networks and publishers because it takes so much extra effort to build local traction. With over 1.2 million followers in aggregate, these metrics compare with other news feeds like @latimes that have similar follower bases.