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The UX Sprint

A hands-on guide to a repeatable two-week process for constant, iterative and fast UX/UI design.

In the past years, our design studio optimized its process for UX/UI design. Inspired by google design sprints and lean product development methods, we could not find a project management framework that would fit to our needs:

  • A method that organizes UX/UI design in recurring sprints (Google’s design sprints somehow do not match here)

What we ended up with is the »UX Sprint«: our sprint format, that we perform on a regular basis mostly with startups and SMEs to launch Apps and Websites, optimize for product-market-fit or just bring great design on the road.

At Boana, an UX Sprint is a two-week process that combines co-creation and remote work as well as workshops, user tests and hands-on UX/UI work. We adapted elements form scrum (e.g. user story map) and google design sprints (e.g. regular testings) and mix them with good old-fashioned UX/UI design to transform the design task into the agile environment.

Overview of the UX Sprint in days

The 1st week
Co-creation, UX/UI prototyping & user testing
Partly in co-creation with our clients

The 2nd week
Rework and refine designs & shipping results
Remote in our studio setup in fast production mode.

When to use a UX sprint?

The UX Sprint sets a clear focus on shipping tested layouts and designs and working alongside with development and business. At Boana, we recommend using it in setups that are ready to take decisions and to bring products on the road faster.



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