Downbeach Skate team riders 11-year-old Maria Conroy (top left), 10-year-old Sophie Whelan (bottom left), 11-year-old Constantine Beseris (top right), 11-year-old Jackson Jewell (bottom right) and 8-year-old Callie Duff (center).

Downbeach Skate Co Announces Team Riders

Rad fivesome combines skills, sportsmanship and stoke

Downbeach Skate Co., a new Ventnor, NJ-based skateboard company that deals in striking designs personalized to how and where riders ride, announced its team of sponsored riders.

The starting Downbeach Skate five includes 11-year-old Constantine Beseris of Ocean City, 10-year-old Sophie Whelan of Ocean City, 11-year-old Maria Conroy of Brigantine, 11-year-old Jackson Jewell of Ventnor and 8-year-old Callie Duff of Margate.

“We are so proud to have such exceptional skaters, who are not only crazy skilled but kind and generous in sharing their skating stoke with others,” company co-founder Becky Fleischauer said.

A few details about the Downbeach Skate team:

Constantine Beseris has been skating for 2.5 yrs. Born and raised in Ocean City, NJ, Constantine is a Distinguished Honors student at Ocean City Intermediate School.

He loves the feeling of a board under his feet mixed with a little concrete and coping too. Transition is his favorite style of skating but he’s been known to hit the street at times too.

Brigantine’s Maria Conroy is another determined skater, who puts hours into nailing street-style shove its, kick flips, grind variations and ledge tricks. The more she skates, the better she gets. She’s inspired by the skills of local skater Chad Scotti, who gave her encouragement and some of his old decks and parts to get started.

Ocean City’s Sophie Whelan is a powerful skater in the bowl who has recently added some 50–50 grinds into her repertoire. You can tell from watching the arcing lines she skates that she’s also an amazing surfer. Sophie started skating on her dad’s long board when she was around 6 or 7. She began skating every day when the Ocean City Skatepark opened last year and she subsequently left the junior Olympic gymnastics team. She lives to surf and skate, and is continually inspired by old school skaters like Jay Adams and Stacey Peralta.

Callie Duff of Margate skates at the park on her hand-painted, fire-branded Downbeach Skate board — as well as on the Boardwalk with friends on her Downbeach Fun Board. An avid surfer at the Margate Pier, Callie loves trying new tricks and making new friends who cruise the Boardwalk on their boards in the evening.

Ventnor’s Jackson Jewell also puts his surfing style into his skating. His favorite place in the park is the bowl, where he is generating more and more speed and height. He also loves riding his Downbeach Skate longboard on the Boardwalk. When he’s not skating, you’ll find him offering encouragement and commentary to fellow skaters.

This team reflects the on-the-rise, fun vibe and energy of “Downbeach” — the south end of Absecon Island.

“We see the brand transcending geography and becoming the go-to brand for personalized boards with continuously refreshed, limited edition, eye-catching designs,” Fleischauer said.

The logo and designs are a product of local graphic artists with input from skaters. From Warholian Jersey state outline to Rasta Rays to old-school surf board and hand-painted and wood-burned artistry, there is a board for groms and skaters of all ages, sizes and styles. See them all here.

The five new team riders will be sharing their skills, sportsmanship and stoke on Downbeach Skate Company’s social media channels here and here. You can follow them on Instagram here: Jackson, Sophie, Maria and Constantine.

Like the company’s founders, Constantine, Maria, Sophie and Jackson believe that every trip to the park or street is a chance to fly, spin, pump, flick, flip and connect with an epic community of skaters of all sizes, ages and backgrounds.

Learn more about Downbeach Skate at

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