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Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate: Skating & Country Music

If you thought country music and skateboarding don’t go together, you haven’t met singer songwriter Kip Moore.

In just one year Moore’s Comeback Kid Skatepark Project has built skateparks in four inner-city communities across the country. Watch Moore in action in this CBS This Morning story. As the video shows, most kids at the park he visits haven’t heard of Moore but they instantly bond over skating.

Moore told CBS he has always been drawn to the skateboard community and what it can do for kids. “I asked ‘what can I do to give these kids a safe place to go? Give these kids some hope and maybe turn them on to a new sport.”

Moore is a true Board Monkey!

Research and experience have shown that having a place to skate is good for public health and safety and builds important life skills among young skaters.

Like two standout surfers recently profiled in Board Monkey, Moore appreciates the surf-skate combination. Moore told Billboard that the only time he doesn’t think about music is when he surfs. “I’m truly in the moment and it brings out such an inner joy for me. I’m always trying to find that peace and surfing brings me such peace.”

Kudos and gratitude to Moore for making the world a better place to skate and succeed. Board Monkey may just add a Moore song to our next skate session playlist.

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