OMG, I love to develop software

(how I built with Golang, Vue…)

full-stack screenshot :-)

First a bit about my background...
I started to get in touch with the devils when I had around 14 years. Yeah, today this is just too late, but 35 years ago this was just okay :-) It was a Sinclair ZX 81 from my uncle. First computer ZX Spectrum and then it did go through Atari ST/TT to PC’s.
I did not study computer science, totally another story, but with about 24 I took the chance to enter a very early local Internet Provider (with 6 analog Zyxel modems and 128 KB backbone….) as a “Webmaster”.
Thinking back then, I was something like today named “Full-Stack Developer” plus something more. I did web portals and such stuff, with M$ technology, so MSSQL, ASP/ASP.NET, meaning Front-/Back-end, DBA, and all the IIS-related stuff on the servers (kind of DevOps :-)) and besides explained to customers how to connect with Internet Explorer 1. omg… Let’s pull some decades…

After about 10 years as a programmer, I founded my own company and got more and more in architecture and then managing tasks and positions. I had to stop to hack things on the work side but always continued to learn, hack on weekends private nonsense stuff. a) because I love it and b) that programmers can not tell me every story ;-)

Last 3 years I work as Head of Software Production and we work there with a state-of-the-art stack on really complex software for the telecom/messaging industry. But as I wrote before, I am “the manager”, coding and architecture others do.

So finally I decided to do something which is not just nonsense for my trash bin, but usefully for others and even could get a business with the time. I took some idea, which is by far not new, nor it will change the world. It’s a Job Board Engine, allowing professional communities and companies to run their own job boards. This goes longer until there is something to show (must be multi-tenant/lang/culture/tz etc, scalable etc etc)… So I start first with the result, which an engine will “present”, which is a Job Board, thinking in my background, for Full-Stack Developers only.

First I have chosen the “full-stack”:


Golang I am in touch for 3.5 years, and we use it intensively in the company, so I go with Go. Python I put on the list, as I want to get into it as a side-effect. ArangoDB, Redis and Nsq I did some nonsense with in the past.

  • API: Golang, Chi
  • Web Server: Golang
  • DB: ArangoDB (for now just documents, but have some cases in mind for graphs)
  • Redis for Sessions
  • Nsq for Queue
  • Some Scripts in Python


I did some private stuff last year with React/Redux and Angular 234567… and probably I will do the admin section of Engine with Angular. I really love Typescript over ES6 and for complex projects Angular can be a good fit.

But for the board front end, I had to choose between the known to me React or the unknown to me Vue.Js. And I had chosen to take another side-effect goody with me and go with Vue.Js. Until now I am just amused. I really got fast results, mainly because of really good documentation

  • End User Portal: Vue.JS, ES6, Bootstrap 4
  • Admin Section: Probably Angular 8

Something to see? oh yes!

So I started over the last 5 weekends and built the following:

  • Portal with Listing of Full-stack Developer Jobs, with client-side filter/sorting/paging
  • Job Submit Form with Email Notification to admin
  • Subscription for Job Newsletter
  • Simple Blog “Engine”
  • Some SEO-related work
  • Social Sharing for Jobs and Blog Posts

All is hosted on a bare-metal server, using Docker/Rancher for deployment and as part of path to scalability.

What is not visible is, that I already implemented on API side own Authentication/Authorization Service with Privileges and Roles, Signup/Login/Me Endpoints for admin section.

Have a look please :-)

Fullstack Jobs:

And yes, the “OMG, I love to develop software” title is so f… true. I decided to go back to my roots, out of this management stuff, getting some fun back on my old days. If you wanna learn something out of this post. I would say it’s the following:
Good Developers, Programmers, and Software Architects are not coming from a one-time effort to do some degree, but to learn and practice all the time. And this is fun, if you love to hack :-)

Btw… Besides I run since 2 years the #Golang Blog: ( Twitter )

Thanks for reading and sorry for my “learning by doing” English (yeah, even though I did not study, but with less good results than with software development kkkk)

(more about/contact me:



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