Can Chess Be Tweaked to Prevent the Draw Death?

Jose Capablanca, a chess world champion from an earlier time in chess, predicted the draw death of chess. That day is here, unfortunately, as we saw Caruana and Carlsen battle to a 12 straight draw during the most recent WCC (It’s looking like next time will be Nepo versus Carlsen in a 14 game match with two extra games added in hopes of breaking the draw streak). But, that is only one of chess’s problems. The other problem is that top chess players memorize engine lines without being able to understand them. Thus, these top players aren’t really playing the game of chess…




We do it all regarding any board or card game. We will showcase the great players and tournaments and matches. We will introduce new games to the public so that they can find out about them. We will provide articles that show how to play the game for newbies on up to the pros.

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Tony Berard

Recently, I have been debunking religion, psychics, and pseudosciences. I want to improve people’s critical thinking and logic skills. Nothing is Supernatural.

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