In-land Surfing

Inland surfer — noun — A surfer who lives more than 45 minutes from the ocean but still finds excuses and means to charge.

Boardgrab was created by inland surfers. To this day, all of us still wake up hours before sunrise to leave our little city of Richmond to make it to the coast in time for dawn patrol. Richmond sits 2 hours from Virginia Beach (not including tunnel traffic) and about 4 hours from the Outer Banks. Depending on the day, we can spend up to 8 hours (round trip) just sitting… waiting… to reach our destination to ultimately find out if the report was right.

To many people, what we do sounds insane. But for us, that’s just a part of surfing. What we lack in super convenient, consistent surf, we make up for in great music, weird podcasts, and Chick Fil A. Sure, we don’t live the glamorous life of waking up and checking the surf at the point break right outside our back door in 72 degree sunny weather, and we can probably only count the days of epic surf on one or two hands every year, but honestly, sometimes I wonder if that’s what keeps us stoked. The chase.

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