The Sexiest Board Award Goes To…

Everything about surfing is sexy. From the perfect a-frame, to the sun kissed surfer with exceptionally great hair, to the board beneath their feet. The sexiest waves? Maybe Indo’s Mentawai Islands. Sexiest surfer? Maybe Sage Erickson. These both can be left up for debate ( in fact I changed my mind about both almost immediately after typing this). However, the sexiest board award is a hands down decision, and although our founder Tony thinks I’m going to say the 5'8" Rusty Dwart, he’s completely off here. Sorry Rusty, but you’ve been pushed aside for Album.

I’ve never owned an Album board, and honestly even if I did, I wouldn’t know whether to take it out for a surf, or to a damn art gallery. Album is making art here folks. Founded in 2001 out of San Clemente — these guys have been hand making one of a kind surfboards for your riding and viewing pleasure. Head Shaper and Board Designer, Matt Parker, is influenced by “fun, speed, and magic”, and from first sight of one of these, you’ll see there is definitely some wizardry going on. Here, see for yourself:

So fresh.. so clean.. | 5' 3" Symphony
Aloha, Album. | 6'9" Ledge GL collab X Freenote Cloth
5'9" UTF Asymmetric

I know right.. perfect.

If you’re fired up from those images and so happen to want one, unfortunately Boardgrab currently doesn’t have any Album’s up on the site — hell, if we did I’d have to scoop it before you do anyway. However, if you’re freakin smart like us, you know buying used surfboards is obviously the smartest thing you can to. Good news though, Album’s site also displays a select few used Album boards as well. Check it out.

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