10 Digital Marketing Projects for Beginners

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Mar 12 · 6 min read

Any skill needs some practical experience to perfect it. Digital marketing, being one of the most in-demand skills of today, there is no dearth of job opportunities. Any beginner, whilst he takes up a job, will require to show some experience in projects. Only theoretical knowledge isn’t enough, you need to show that you can actually apply that theoretical knowledge.

We have listed down some digital marketing project ideas to pick up, which you can do at any point of time — during your academic years, or in the period while you are looking for a job.

These digital marketing projects can be done by anyone. Whether you’re a beginner, a student or an MBA graduate… You’re bound to learn something new by doing these projects.

Social media campaign analysis

You can approach digital agencies to help out in analysing their campaigns. Mostly all agencies do have someone in-house but they wouldn’t mind some pro-bono help because campaigns are conducted for every brand, be it paid or organic. And results are very important to make future decisions.

You can take this up and analyse the engagement, the return on spends, and other important metrics. This will give you exposure to analytics as well. This is one of the most common digital marketing project idea picked by candidates.

SEO study of websites

You can take the responsibility of this upon yourself. Firstly, learn SEO using online courses and get a thorough idea about the concepts. Pick out a few websites of your choice and start implementing your knowledge. Try to give suggestions as per what better keywords can be used, whether the URL can be customised, backlinks, etc. Prepare a report on SEO strategies as per the websites you have analysed.

Learning SEO from Google skillshop is easy, but implementing SEO is not as easy as it looks. To get a competitive edge during job interview, do and add SEO projects and research into your resume.

SEM Case study

This requires extensive knowledge of Google AdWords. Once you have that, you can work on some SEM strategies for the paid advertising of brands on search engines.

It is very important to drive traffic to the websites and it is a key metric for a lot of businesses. If you suggest strategies for the same, it will help you and also create a good impression on the potential employers.

Create your website

This is the most interesting project you could undertake. This will help you practice almost all concepts of digital marketing like content development, SEO, email marketing, and even SEM. You could learn about how to develop a high-ranking website. From this, you could also create Google Analytics reports which would help you to understand various website metrics like session time, bounce rate, number of unique visitors, etc.

By doing this you’ll get an excellent practice before you start on a full-fledged job. You’ll also have a whole website that you can add to your portfolio. This will help distinguish you from your competitors.

Keyword research

Yes, this can be a project of its own because there is a rising demand for tools that would give the business-relevant keywords, resulting in a measurable outcome. Pick out a website, and understand their niche.

Use a keyword tool like Google Trends or Google Keywords Planner, to search for keywords that would best suit the business needs. Try to create charts having long-tail keywords, and explain why the keywords you have chosen are apt. This will not only enhance your knowledge about keywords in general, but they will also help you to understand how important a role they play in increasing the visibility of the website and even in increasing sales.


Becoming an expert in SEO would require you to run your own blog or website. Having hands on experience in trying to market your blog organically will give you confidence when you take up bigger client’s digital marketing projects.

Once you start blogging, you’ll learn the basics of SEO. Start with creating your own blog domain on WordPress (it has a lot of free templates) or Medium. Keep a fixed tone-of-voice for the blog and decide what you’re going to write about.

Then learn to perform a basic keyword search using Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest or other tools available on the internet. You’ll get an idea of what’s being searched with regard to the topic you’ve chosen. Using them in your blog would result in greater chances of your blog being shown to consumers in search engines. You can also learn to optimize it by adding URLs, images with tags, etc.

Facebook for business

You must have always used Facebook as a customer, but never as a business. Why wait for a job to do that?

You can always create a ‘test page’ for business and learn how it works. Facebook ad marketing is one of the most in-demand skills right now. This is one of the most critical digital marketing projects for beginners. If you are applying for an ads management position you need to create strong facebook ads projects into your portfolio.

You could create sample posts on the page and even experiment with boosting it for minimum money. Doing that will give you exposure to how ads are tracked, monitored and executed.

Facebook Ad Manager will let you create ad campaigns based on many filters like geography, demography, interests, purchase behaviours, spends power, etc. It will teach you how to distribute ad spends over a number of days, so that you achieve your desired objective (leads, engagement, website traffic, etc.).

Email Marketing

It’s essential that you understand the usage and creation of emails for business purposes. Tools like MailChimp, Zoho, Marketo etc. help you in creating emails to be sent out in bulk for a common objective.

Right from having dozens of themes based on purpose to customising who gets the email, these email marketing tools help create campaigns which are highly engaging and ensure that open rates increase.

They allow you to build an audience, segment them into groups, customise every email as per objective and track the campaign using different performance metrics like click through rates, open rates, conversion rates, etc. You can create test emails to understand the flow and the tool, and keep improvising.

Know the tools of the game

If you’re in digital marketing, you need to know the tools. For data and analytics, there are tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, YouTube Analytics, etc. These are free tools either found online or built into the platform itself. These tools help you understand your visitors/audience persona, keywords, time spent on your page, places clicked, etc.

There are a lot of Social Media tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, etc. which let you schedule posts and let you check all your business social media accounts in one place.

You can set up a process for online reputation management on these tools. For basic visual designing, you can start using Canva which allows you to choose over hundreds of templates and customize it as you want from scratch, creating beautiful posters, FB posts, cards or whatever you want.

Keep Researching & Writing

The skill of writing only and only develops with writing more and more. You don’t have to force yourself to write on business topics or for professional use.

Just pick out one theme and start developing different topics over it; for instance, if politics is the theme that you’re interested in, then world politics, national politics, different political parties, etc. could be your different topics.

The ability to navigate online and pick out information that is essential to you writing is crucial and a must-have. Strong research skills, along with knowledge on what competitors are writing will make you a good content writer. When writing for a business, you should start with forming a buyer persona and frame the content around the audience that will read it.

These digital marketing project ideas for students can surely help you get a solid foundation and a good kickstart in the field of digital marketing.

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