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How To Explain Employment Gaps In Job Interview

If you have had a gap in between two jobs, you really need not worry. Majority of people undergo this phase of unemployment in their lives, certainly. When it comes to MNCs, they are very particular about employment gaps and may ask you a dozen questions to verify and understand why there was a gap in the first place. You will need to be smart and tailor your response according to the situation in this case. Let’s look at a few tips on how you can explain employment gaps in the interview.

Acknowledge it
Having an employment gap won’t make you abnormal. It will also not stop you from
moving forward in the recruitment process. Do spend some time beforehand to sit and ponder upon valid answers which justify the gap taken. You need to acknowledge and address the gap in such a way that you exude confidence and honesty.

Honesty is the best policy
You need to be honest (which is helpful in most cases), but you also don’t need to talk in-depth about the gaps or go into unnecessary details. Ensure you’re also utilizing the gap well by taking on some projects on a part-time or pro boon basis so that you have something credible to show. You might have left your work for any reason — for medical reasons, for care taking reasons, if you were laid off as a result of the company’s loss-making, if you were fired, if you took some time off for personal reasons — and you’ll need to give a reason for each of them.

Utilize the gap
You really don’t need to stress in too much detail. You would just need to give specifics on how you have utilized the gap resourcefully. Mention anything you’ve done to be updated on the happenings in your industry, or been reading up on how to improve your work practices, or what you’ve done to upgrade your skills etc. The goal is to show that you’re occupied in doing something or the other even if you aren’t formally employed.

Lastly, it’s your choice whether to give a reason or not. Sometimes there are reasons
which are personal to you and you may want to keep it private. You may steer the
conversation to how excited you are for the job or even leave the interview by saying
goodbye politely if they continue to ask you questions about your personal reasons.



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