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Top 6 Accenture interview questions and answer for engineering roles

Engineering is over and you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey of your career. Yes, it’s time-consuming — creating that perfect resume, preparing for the interview and the follow-ups. Moreover, if it is for an organization like Accenture, the leading company in consulting and technology, candidates get all stressed up. You don’t need to break a sweat. If you’re well prepared with the kind of questions that will be asked, you’ll easily crack the interview. Here’s a list of top 6 Accenture interview questions, with their answers.

Why engineering and what you like and dislike the most about it?

The interviewer wants to check your passion for the field here. You cannot possibly take out your frustration or talk too highly about it (may sound fake). Introspect for a minute, and give a well-thought answer on why you decided to do engineering. For the like/dislike part, try not to highlight something that’s not a core part of your job responsibility. You might say that you like project management but dislike client-facing.

What are the new skills that you’ve acquired?

This question is asked by the recruiter to check if you’re upgrading your skills from time-to-time. You need to keep your knowledge updated and keep evolving to keep pace with the competition. As technology keeps advancing, you’ll need to update your skill set too. List down all the MOOCs, other online trainings, live projects you’ve completed for developing your skills and which will prove to be valuable in your job, and inform the recruiter.

How would handle a project gone haywire?

This is a behavioural type interview question. This is asked to gauge your problem-solving skills. You need to demonstrate your ability to recover from losses and handle any situation that arises during your job. You can also quote some examples from your previous work experience, where you handled a situation without it escalating; and also ensuring that your team members are happy with the solution. You need to show a positive problem-solving attitude, and not express any visible worry or challenge.

Why Accenture?

Here, you need to showcase your love for research. You absolutely cannot go for an interview without reading up about the company and your job description. You can also read up the ‘news’ tab on Google search once you search for Accenture in it. Also, add your bit where what the company believes (its mission) aligns with what you believe too. In the end, you don’t work for the company’s profits, but for why it does what it does. That should drive you. The recruiter just needs to know how much you know about Accenture and its practices.

Will you be comfortable with learning a new technology for the job?

The recruiter asks this to check how enterprising you are about learning anything new, that’s required for rendering the job perfectly. You need to show that drive to learn and absorb a new technology for seamless output. You can tell the recruiter about what you’re comfortable with — either a self-learning methodology or professional training with supervision. You’ll need to stay abreast of all recent tech-developments and subject matter revisions.

Can you give technical presentations?

Now, this might not be a core job responsibility but is crucial. You may be required to give training, or present about a certain subject to other peers, or even non-techies. Your communication skills need to be polished and your confidence should be high. All these soft skills are very important for a holistic engineering role. You can start off with an example by explaining a technical concept to the recruiter in simple layman terms. You can show them how you can rephrase and how you can deliver a presentation without any hassle.

Be ready to ace your interview by being well prepared with all the questions above, and make it a point to read the news everyday! All the best!



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