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Top 6 In-demand Digital Marketing Skills That You Must Have

The booming digital marketing industry has carved its place in the world today. The Internet is a very significant part of our daily lives as well. All businesses today want to go digital. Employers who weren’t willing to give up their traditional business practices, now vouch for digital marketing like never before. Cost-effectiveness, maximum ROI, maximum reach, and real-time tracking make marketing on digital mediums the most sought-after method. Hence the prospects and demand for skilled experts in digital marketing are also increasing. Let’s have a look at what are the most in-demand skills for digital marketing in 2019.

Data analytics is one of the crucial skills to possess for digital marketing. The ability to interpret and visualize data in order to create insightful strategies from them is much needed. The digital mediums will provide you with chunks of data real-time. Consumer purchase behavior, consumer’s digital presence and their willingness towards your product/service can all be gauged via data. Google Analytics is one such data analysis tool that tells you a tremendous lot about your website.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s commonly known is very important for the success of digital marketing. Some of them may argue about its effectiveness, considering Google’s advancing algorithms but SEO is just as important as any other skill. 30% of consumers come from search, and 70% of links which are clicked by search users are organic, says a study by QuickSprout. Blogging and content marketing both use SEO for its success.

Pay-per-click or PPC is another skill that’s in demand. All businesses want maximum reach and while organic reach caters to most of the business requirements, many others want to expand their reach further for which paid marketing is the solution. Deciding budgets for ad spends requires expertise and which is where a PPC specialist comes in. PPC provides with targeted reach, pay-per-click and a guaranteed 1st-page rank. Sound knowledge of maths, strategy, and analytics is required for this skill.

Content marketing is indeed the king as it helps in generating leads for the business and at the same time, creates a loyal customer base as well. Content forms the crux of digital marketing activities as it needs to be powerful enough for the consumer to react to it. It needs to keep them hooked. Every business now wants to create viral content that will leave a mark on the consumer’s minds. Hence, it’s a skill that can take a business to new heights.

Social media marketing can’t be left far behind. Knowing and managing a brand on social media is important, but having knowledge on Facebook ads, knowing how to set up campaign parameters, how to measure them and their impact is much more in demand. If you try to learn every platform and get into its nitty-gritty, then you can perfectly leverage each platform and its USP. All companies definitely need skilled social media persons for establishing their brand’s presence on digital and you need to have a good sense of design, basic writing skills, and the ability to visualize, in order to be successful.

Marketing automation tools are essential for marketing practices these days. They save time, increase the efficiency of operations and reduce redundancy. The real-time and fast-evolving nature of digital marketing commands the use of technology and marketing automation tools for doing business and streamlining its processes. There are a lot of automation tools available for social media, emails, and content that provide cost-effective delivery outputs like Buffer, Hootsuite, MailChimp, Zoho, Marketo, TweetDeck, HubSpot, etc. Many organizations now expect every professional to take training in these tools and implement them on a day-to-day basis.



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