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Top 6 TCS Interview questions and answers for management roles

TCS, one of the biggest players in consulting, technology and software, is every job seeker’s aspiration to work for. The conglomerate hires thousands of management graduates every year. Wonder what gets them in? It’s definitely not easy, but it’s also not impossible to crack. If one is well prepared with the questions, s/he will easily clear all the rounds of interviews. Let’s look at a list of TCS interview questions for the management roles.

How good are you at management?

This is a question that can tell the recruiters about how well you worked with your peers. It also gives them an idea about you managed the work processes and delivery output while relating to your peers at the same time. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to highlight your strengths, but subtly. You carry a risk of sounding over-confident or boastful. Try to incorporate some genuine positive feedback you’ve gotten over your work tenure or compliments from coworkers, or even LinkedIn recommendations would do.

Are you willing to take risks?

This quality is one of the most important elements of any managerial role. In your work, you may face ordeals whose solutions need some of the other risk to be taken. A good and successful manager always takes calculated and well-informed risks to solve any problem. Reply with the affirmative only if you’re comfortable doing so. Otherwise, you can say, before taking a risk, you will take time to do research and then come up with a solution/decision basis the same.

How will you ensure your team stays motivated?

Motivation is yet another quality that forms the foundation of a managerial role. In huge conglomerates, employees often tend to get lost in their work and lose identities. Whenever there is a big team, motivation is key to keep the work efficiency, up to the mark. Give specific examples of when you led a team, and often provided encouragement and positive reinforcement for them to keep going. Appraising them when needed, giving them recognition for their efforts, allocating work profiles as per their strengths, etc. are some of the measures you can state. If you’ve done something else that’s creative and which has brought the team together, like games, team-outings, team exercises, etc., you can also mention them.

How organized are you?

Planning and organizing are an integral part of a manager’s job. Hiring managers often ask this to check your understanding of time management. A manager who cannot manage his time can never manage a team. You can start off by telling about your daily work routine, tools you use to organize tasks, how you can multitask with examples and how you react to contingencies.

How would you react to under-performance?

All fingers of the hand aren’t equal meaning, all team members may not perform efficiently and above expectations. There may be times when you’re faced with a situation where a member of your team who reports to you, may not perform as per expectations. The recruiter may ask this question to see how you tackle such a situation. You can say you’ll take corrective measures by sitting with him/her and drafting a PoA for his/her improvement by giving them clear-cut, direct feedback.

Do you believe in delegating?

A successful manager always delegates. Delegation is a very normal job for a manager to do and it ensures a balanced output. You should describe how you delegated tasks in your previous project, especially, based on the employee’s skill and expertise. Delegation is an art, and you need to show how good an artist you were. You need to tell about how well-planned the delegation process was, so as to ensure maximum output efficiency.

If you practice these questions, getting into any company would be easy-peasy! Remember to say everything with conviction and stay true to yourself. Good luck!



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