5 Ways to Wear Glitter at Work

Anyone who knows me knows I love sparkle and eat glitter for breakfast, which is why I get so excited about this time of year. Seriously, when else can you let your glitter flag fly and fit right in?! Here are five ways classy and sophisticated ways you can incorporate some shimmer into your work wardrobe, holiday time or not! Click on pics for the links to each item below.

  1. Shoes- A pair of sparkling shoes works with the simplest of outfits and with the dressiest. I try to keep a low modest heel on any sparkly shoe I wear to work to avoid looking trashy.

2. Jewelry- If you are not someone who tends to eats glitter for breakfast, this is a small simple way to include some bling into your work look.

3. Tops- This one can get a bit tricky when trying to keep it classy. I keep the rest of my outfit very simple when wearing sparkly tops during work hours.

4. Scarves- Another really easy way to add shimmer to your existing outfits.

5. Nail Polish- This is my favorite way to add glitter to your look! Paint all ten nails with glitter or paint just your ring fingers. Either way, it’s such a fun and subtle way to turn up the bling!

Are there any other ways you work glitter into your look? If so, I would love to know! Comment below.

Enjoy! — Matia

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