D23 with The Boardwalk Times!

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Hello everyone! Who’s ready for another D23? We sure are!

We’re less than a week out from the Disney Parks Panel at D23, and we at Boardwalk Times have a few things planned to make this year one of the best D23’s ever!

First, we’re going to be piloting the Boardwalk Times podcast, “Boardwalk Talk” with a live stream starting slightly before the panel and ending afterwards, in which we relay any and all news directly to you, and discuss such developments in real time. In addition, we’ll be taking questions and responding to anything we happen to see on twitter during the panel. More information will be found on our Twitter page (@BoardwalkTimes).

For anyone that doesn’t have access to the live stream, or would prefer to get shorter summaries of information, a running list of updates will be found on the website that will be updated whenever something is announced to the public.

At this point, we aren’t sure if phones will be allowed within the halls of the convention center. If they are allowed, we may have content coming directly from the panel to our twitter account, delivering information as it comes. If guests are forced to hand over his phones however, we will be delivering any updates to our Twitter account.

Finally, our Twitter will be spot for interaction and updates as any news comes to our talented writers. Following @BoardwalkTimes gives you an all access pass to a center of information and a source for discussion, as well as other opportunities to engage with the community.

Following D23, many of our very talented contributors will be posting editorials and assorted pieces of content responding to the newly revealed content from D23. Expect some fantastic content on the site in the following weeks.

Whether you’d like to join the live discussion on YouTube, or simply follow along with our Twitter, be sure to make Boardwalk Times your one stop choice for D23 news, discussions, and fun!

D23 starts on July 14th, with the Disney Parks Panel on the 15th from 3–4:30pm.

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