Disney Announces New Expansions to Mission: Space at D23 2017

Bob Chapek took the stage to tell the fans about new developments regarding Future World in EPCOT.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

During the parks panel at D23 2017, Bob Chapek announced to the public that, in the near future, guests would be able to take a journey in to the final frontier once again, but this time in a whole new way.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

First, a new icon was shown for Mission: Space, as well as the announcement that both the orange and green versions of Mission: Space (different versions, different intensities) will over unique experiences, pushing guests to enter both attractions and providing for a thematic reason behind the differing intensities of either.

Truth be told, this really makes things a lot easier. Guests will no longer feel cheated when a family member takes them on the “less fun version”, as it will hold an exclusive experience that the other side cannot see. In fact, it might push others onto the orange side, just to see how different it may be, encouraging a curious behavior.

What was announced next however, peaked my interest just a tad more.

Likely residing in the Wonders of Life pavilion (with some speculating it may in fact be in The Odyssey or at Club Cool), a new restaurant based on Mission: Space will take guests onto the deck of a spacecraft, observing the Earth from the view of the cosmos, likely showing guests a view that they have never seen in such a capacity.

Maybe Wall-E will float by? Or maybe an astronaut friend! Children young and old will leave with a newfound appreciation of space-travel, encompassing an ideal I could have only dreamed about since the first time I went to EPCOT as a child. This restaurant does not have a set opening date or even a menu, but given the concept art, we’re in for a treat.

The grassy plains and the open air may be gone, but the density of trees and assorted futuristic attractions that represent a brighter tomorrow and the ideal future for the human race.

Ryan Dorman is a Columnist and the Content Director for the Boardwalk Times